Walk the Moon @ Rams Head Live in Baltimore, MD

Review & Photography by: Marie Newby

On Monday night, February 4, a line of excited concertgoers eagerly waited to see Walk the Moon’s performance at Rams Head Live. When the doors opened, the venue began to fill with fans and soon became a full house. As the lights dimmed, the crowded erupted with screams as music from Disney’s The Lion King filled the room. The band members of Walk the Moon walked on stage and took their places as the screams from the crowd grew louder. The band started the night with “Jenny” a song from their self titled album. The vibe and energy that came from the group was incredible.

The lead singer, Nicholas, moved around with so much energy, dancing around the stage as he sung. Walk the Moon jumped into their next song “Different Colors” and then one of their singles “One Foot.” The crowd went wild and sung every word along with the band. The set was phenomenal as the band continued to play a variety of songs coming from all their albums. Walk the Moon several other singles including their latest one, “Timebomb” Looking into the crowd, you could see they were not disappointed as they jumped along to the beat of the music.

The venue was packed with fans dancing, and overall having a great time on a Monday night. The band also played “Kamikaze,” Shut Up and Dance” and a cover of “Ghostbusters.” Towards the end of their set, the band took a moment to wish their band member, Lucky, happy birthday by bringing out a cake. Ending their set, they finished up with “Anna Sun.” Walk the Moon gave the crowd an incredible show, and just gave off so much energy.

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