Lastlings & Rüfüs Du Sol @ Sidney Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne, Australia

Review & Photography by Dana Hope

Nothing kicks off a gorgeous Summer weekend in Melbourne like a show at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl featuring RÜFÜS DU SOL, with the support of their newly signed label mates Lastlings. Coming off a fantastic first show back on Thursday night, after two years abroad, touring and producing their new album Solice, Melbourne was in for another fabulous SOLD OUT show.

The sun was warm, the beers were cold, and nothing was going to stop the fresh electric-pop duo, Lastlings, from putting on one hell of a show. Frontwomen Amy Dowdle strutted, jumped, laughed and partied around the stage as if she was born there. Her angelic voice, combined with her stage presence and the insane beats, produced by Josh Dowdle who switched between guitar and beat pads, was a spectacular sight to see for the young Gold Coast duo. The ever-growing crowd had no hesitation in embracing the music and the atmosphere that was created while they were onstage. Whether you were already a fan or were hearing them for the first time, you couldn’t stand still and will definitely be seeing their names more often.

After the long-awaited return for RÜFÜS, they finally hit the stage, and the 15,000+ people in attendance didn’t let them forget it for a second. From the moment they started, the crowd went insane, screaming the lyrics back, having the time of their lives. As RÜFÜS made their way through the set, you could tell there was a major focus on their new album Solice. It is understandable that it’s a great record, but it didn’t stop them from incorporating older tracks that everyone knows and loves such as “Like An Animal” and “You Were Right” which led to the sold-out crowd singing along, to create a near perfect setlist.

As the sun set across the city skyline, the crowd partied and the atmosphere around the venue was an experience in itself. From the party animals in their twenties to the relaxed and entertained older attendees sipping on their mini wines, everyone was having the best time. The mammoth 90-minute set did mean for those who were not feeling the influence of alcohol, watching the band did get a tad boring. However, the three huge platforms Jon George, Tyrone Lindqvist, and James Hunt stood behind meant they could be seen from every part of the venue, but this also meant not much happened onstage, until Tyrone grabbed the mic and began jumping and running around the stage, more so in the second half of the set.

I congratulate the boys on 2 MASSIVE sold out shows at Melbourne’s Sidney Myer Music Bowl and wish them luck on the rest of this massive arena tour. I honestly can’t believe how far they have come over the last few years and anyone with a ticket is in for an unforgettable night, that I guarantee will have this gig landing in your Top 5 Shows of 2019.

Rüfüs Du Sol


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