Grizfolk, Flor, & Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness: PHILADELPHIA, PA 2019

Grizfolk, Flor, & Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness @ The Metropolitan Opera House in Philadelphia, PA

Review & Photography by Emma Silverstone

Pool floats, paper flowers, and an Elvis cape: these objects might not seem connected, but at the Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness show at The Metropolitan Opera House in Philadelphia, they all worked together to create an incredible Friday night show.

The evening kicked off with Grizfolk opening the show. They began the night of music with new singles, as well as songs from their 2015 album “Waking Up the Giants.” Flor was up next, and they warmed up the crowd with music from their album, “come out, you’re hiding.” Both bands set a great mood for the rest of the night. The crowd was excited about both bands and really enjoyed their sets.

The Wilderness’s set began with a voice over the speaker saying, “Welcome to the land of upside-down flowers.” The drummer of the band strolled out in a pair of shorts and a tropical flower shirt, sipping a can of beer. He walked to center stage and picked up a single rubber duck. Next to walk onstage was the keyboardist, who carried a pool cleaner net. He leaned over the barricade, placing it on the head of an audience member. Next, the stage went dark, and the opening piano notes of “Everything Must Go,” off of their latest album, “Upside Down Flowers,” played. McMahon spent most of the song behind a lattice screen, before rolling the piano out to the front of the stage. The set consisted of a collection of songs from past Wilderness albums as well as tunes from Jack’s Mannequin and Something Corporate, McMahon’s previous projects. During “Paper Rain,” he donned an Elvis-esque cape and a pair of aviator sunglasses for the Las Vegas-central song.

The show also consisted of multiple moments where the audience got to interact with McMahon. During “Island Radio,” he had the audience pull a giant blue tarp to mimic water-going along with the pool party theme of the evening. He jumped in the crowd and walked to the back of the floor under the tarp. Later on, during the second performance of “Everything Must Go” during the encore, he tossed a giant sun pool float into the crowd and jumped onto it, allowing everyone to move him to the back of the pit and then back to the stage.

Overall, the night was only filled with fun. The concert was the biggest headline show that Andrew McMahon has played with this project. Head to his website below to find more tour dates. Follow @andrewmcmahon on Twitter and @amnthewilderness on Instagram.

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness | Flor | Grizfolk 


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