BAEST, Dyscarnate, & Decapitated: LONDON, UK 2019

BAEST, Dyscarnate, & Decapitated @ O2 Academy Islington in London, UK

Review & photography by Marisela Morales

Decapitated finally came back to the UK! After a long time of waiting on February 19th fans of the band were finally able to see them on their Killing The Cult Tour. As the line of fans grew with each minute so grew their impatience as the door weren’t opening on time even though they were meant to be opened at 7pm. Once they were finally opened 40 min later, everyone entering feared that the sets will have to be cut short.

After getting into the venue the first band almost immediately started their set which was good and bad, because there was still a great number of fans in the line outside the venue waiting to be let inside. BAEST is a death metal band from Denmark, formed in 2015 with very successful first years. The band stepped onto the stage with lots of energy and straight away tried to engage the crowd that gave them a warm welcome. Halfway through their set the venue, that was changed to bigger due to public demand, was almost full and everyone present was headbanging. In my opinion, the last song ‘Crosswhore’ on the band’s setlist was the best one as more people had their fists up which you could barely see as the lighting was quite dark.

Up next was Dyscarnate, a three-piece death metal band from the UK. The band entered the stage fast, and with straight faces, they didn’t want to waste any time and started their set. Throughout their performance, the crowd didn’t stop headbanging and tried to open some mosh pits despite not much movement from the band itself. Dyscarnates set was well prepared, fans seemed to enjoy it, and the atmosphere created by the band left everyone feeling good and ready for the headliner.

Lights finally dimed after a break and Decapitated members entered the stage one by one. ‘One-Eyed Nation’ started the show which made the crowd go crazy as first crowd surfers started to appear. ‘Kill The Cult’ was another track that got the crowd excited, to this one couple mosh pits started to open, which was impressive because the floor was so full that you could barely move. Halfway through band’s set, you could tell that most of the fans present were Polish as you could hear them shouting in Polish ‘to keep playing.’ The vocalist ‘Rasta’ isn’t one of those chatty people, but he and the rest of the band took a couple of minutes between the songs to thank everyone for coming. Song ending the night was ‘Winds of Creation,’ and overall I think this was a much better-prepared show than the one I’ve been to couple years ago. The last but not least good thing of the evening, especially for the photographers, was that the lights this time wasn’t so annoying.



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