The World Over, Slaves, & Escape The Fate: LONDON, UK 2019

The World Over, Slaves, & Escape The Fate @ Electric Ballroom in London, UK

Review & photography by Liv Rook

The night started out with a mile-long line of punk Rock fans filling up Camden High Street. As I walked to the back, I counted how many people had brightly-colored hair and thought that I must’ve looked really out of place. I decided to interview some of the fans, as I wanted to know why they were so dedicated to Punk Rock. Most of the younger fans had listened to Escape the Fate for around seven years and found them when they started secondary school. They said their music finally made them feel accepted, even if others would judge them for their music taste.

The set started off with The World Over, a Rock band from L.A. Even though most of the crowd were at the Ballroom for Escape the Fate, they seemed to enjoy the opening act, and the band got everyone jumping up and down. Then Slaves appeared, who were a bit more energetic and had good audience participation. As a photographer, I really enjoyed The Slaves’ set because they had some fantastic lighting, which allowed for some great moving shots.

However, Escape The Fate were what the fans were waiting for. The band weren’t quite ready for their set, so they played Bohemian Rhapsody over the speakers just before. For some reason, I thought the fans would hate anything other than Punk Rock music, but they all danced to whatever came on the speakers in between the sets- whether that be Queen or Rihanna. The fans made a great atmosphere at this gig, they felt friendly and accepting- which, sadly, you don’t get at every concert.

Like Slaves’ set, Escape The Fate had some amazing lighting, and they knew how to work the crowd. This gig was their last before heading back to the States and you could tell they put all their effort in to please the fans. Just as I was heading out of the photo pit, Craig (lead singer) decided to crowd surf. Overall, the performance was far from boring, and it was extremely energetic- which is perfect for hardcore fans and for photographers who want to capture the action.

The World Over | Slaves | Escape The Fate



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