morgxn & Robert Delong @ Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco, CA

Review & photography by Karina Kristensen

No Monday is off to a better start than with morgxn kicking off the night at Rickshaw Stop opening for Robert Delong. Indie/pop artist from Los Angeles, California, morgxn, released his first album in May of 2018 and performed a handful of his songs live. The grand majority of his set was songs from his latest album labeled “vital” and before singing one song in particular called “Bruised,” he shared some deep, meaningful, powerful words. “You are beautiful the way you are. Being beautiful means you’ve been bruised, hurt, and made into the person you are now.” After playing that inspirational song, and “Me Without You,” he wrapped up his set with his most famous song, “home,” which was also a single featuring WALK THE MOON.

After the crew took down morgxn’s equipment and started to set up Seattle based artist Robert Delong’s after which seemed like forever, more fans started piling into the venue. The crowd was impatiently waiting for the show to begin including me! Finally, after what seemed like forever, Delong came on, and the lights went dark. The only thing visible onstage was his figure, and his hands hovering over laser lights pointing towards the ceiling. Everyone sang along to his second song of the night, Acid Rain. Throughout his set, he used peripherals such as a video game controller, a Wii remote, and other recognizable controllers for his show.

After a couple songs into his set, there was a power surge, and then it was fixed minutes later. Then it happened again. “Is this a thing? Does San Francisco just have power surges like this?” Delong asked the crowd. Towards the middle-end of the set, it happened a third time, and the frustration seemed to be setting in, though the crowd was just as happy as the beginning of the set. “Anyone got any bad jokes?” Robert questioned to keep the show going. No matter what, the entire set remained entertaining, and a colorful bright blast.

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morgxn | Robert Delong


morgxn setlist:


Carry the Weight


Holy Water



Me Without You



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