Just John & Grandson @ The Opera House in Toronto, ON

Review & photography by Mohamad Agha

March 1stwas grandson’s hometown show in Toronto at The Opera House was sold out. Having released his most recent EP, A Modern Tragedy Vol. 2, just days before, you could tell the fans standing outside had been waiting for this show for a while. All performances of the night are Canadian-based acts, and you could say they were excited to be in The Six.

The first opener, Just John, was joined by his producer and frequent collaborator Dom Dias on stage. They started out the show with some hype songs and got the crowd jumping and rapping along to their music. Just John’s energy was crazy, and he was able to feed off the excited fans and gave an incredible opening performance filled with energy. Just John said that grandson had been waiting for this show all tour and “he’s been talking about this show for the whole tour, and he’s so excited to be here.”

The second opener, The Blue Stones, came out to enormous cheers and seemed super excited to start their set. They instantly started rocking out, and the crowd was going crazy, and some of the fans were headbanging to the songs. It was an impressive sight to see how much the hometown crowd adored these Canadian acts and loved their music and the vibe in the venue was electric. The fans sang along to all the words and were just generally in excellent spirits. As The Blue Stones ended their set, they thanked the crowd and asked “Are you guys ready for Grandson?!”, to which the crowd let out the loudest screams of excitement in anticipation for the headliner.

Last to come out was the main act, grandson. He came out and instantly broke out into song, and he was able to feed off the energy of the crowd to deliver a fantastic performance. He performed songs off his most recent EP such as Stigmata, Apologize, Darkside, and Is This What You Wanted as well as singles like my personal favorite, Bury Me Face Down, and even songs off his previous EP, A Modern Tragedy Vol. 1, like 6:00, Blood // Water.

Just John | Grandson


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