Another Michael & Pinegrove @ Bottom Lounge in Chicago, IL

Review & photography by Jenna Whalen

The night started with the first and only opener: Another Michael hailing from Philadelphia, PA. The band started mellow and sweet with the first couple of songs which I enjoyed. The crowd was very respectful, quiet, and listening to the performance while admiring the band. Between songs, Another Michael spoke to the group for a bit explaining that they’ve played house shows in Chicago previously, but today was their first time playing at a venue in the city, and I was honored to see them live. They expressed that they were very appreciative of everyone coming to watch their set.

Pinegrove took the stage next, and the crowd did not hold back their excitement at all. While they screamed and clapped, lead Evan Stephens Hall had a huge smile on his face to see everyone go wild. They began their set with a fan favorite, Cadmium, which everyone was quick to sing along to. After they played a considerable portion of their set, the band thanked the crowd numerous times for selling out the venue for both nights that they were playing. I am truly honored to see these guys because they’re incredible! After the significant performance, the guys headed offstage but came back later to play their encore that consisted of four songs. They officially ended their night with the hit single, New Friends, and the crowd yelled back the lyrics while dancing until the show made it’s way to the end.

While I had a wonderful time seeing both bands perform in Chicago, I hope you have a chance to see them in a city near you. You don’t want to regret it because they’re amazing! Check out their websites for more information.

Another Michael | Pinegrove


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