A ten-piece band with a heartfelt mixture of vintage R&B and classic rock & roll with dashes of reggae, country, and hip-hop are words to describe the sound of Houston Texas’ The Suffers. Founded in 2011 by two musicians with a big vision, bassist Adam Castaneda and keyboardist, songwriter, and vocalist Pat Kelly were the founders of the group who were eager to bring a new sound to the Lone Star State. Aiming for a big band, they brought in a handful of talented players they had worked with before — guitarist Kevin Bernier, Jon Durbin on trumpet, Michael Razo on trombone and percussion man Jose “Chapy” Luna. 

The group released their sophomore album Everything Here last summer, which features special guests such as Bun B and Paul Wall, a duet featuring Lyle Divinsky (The Motet), and additional vocal production from Lili K (Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa). 

If you’re in the San Francisco, CA area, you can check out The Suffers LIVE at The Independent on March 14, 2019. Tickets are also available here.

Make sure to read our interview with the band below too!

Interview by Mya Hamilton

You all just kicked off your spring tour which will be lasting around seven weeks. How have the shows been so far?

These shows have been filled with the best crowds yet! We had a pretty tough start to the last tour, thanks to illness, but we powered through the shows every night and came out strong.

Can you take us a day in your life on the road?

No day on tour is the same, but honestly, it’s just a lot of hurrying and waiting. We travel all day to prep for a gig that only lasts 60-90 minutes. It’s a lot of work, but I love it.

What are your must haves when youre touring?

Extra Socks, noise-canceling headphones, and pillows. The comfier you are, the more pleasant you will be.

What makes this tour different from your previous shows?

The last few years have been tough. We’ve lost members, changed lanes, changed management, experienced hardship, discrimination, and everything else you can think of. Yet every night, we get on that stage and play even better than the night before. Why? Because we’re evolving and putting in the work every night.

What can fans expect from your live shows on this run? Any new production, merch, or music?

Tons of energy and new everything. These sets are intimate, fun, sexy, and empowering. Come to the show and get some joy.

What would you say are your favorite song(s) to play live?

I love them all, but I’d say “Giver” and “Peanuts.”

What are your favorite things about performing live?

The fact that we get to deliver a further developed version of the art.

What do you hope listeners take away from your music?

Relief and joy.

Is there the most significant goal you hope to achieve musically and as a group?

Happiness, sustainability, and longevity

Lastly, where should our followers best find you on social media for the current news of your music and live performances?

@thesuffers on all social media or



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