Dan Cribb, Goldfinger, & Millencolin @ Metropolis in Fremantle, Western Australia

Review & photography by Sethen Sheehan-Lee

Entering the Metropolis in Fremantle on Saturday evening I wasn’t sure what to expect from the line-up of acts gracing the stage. As headline act experienced Swedish punk rockers Millencolin are known for putting on a good live show. I was interested to see if they would live up to their reputation.

The night’s first support act was local band Dan Cribb and the Isolated. While their songs were catchy, I felt there was room for improvement when it came to their actual performance. In my view the “understated cool” vibe that the band was aiming for led to a less than engaging live performance. Vocals from frontman Dan Cribb fell short along with what seemed to be a lack of energy in the band’s performance. Despite this, a decent sized crowd turned out to watch their set.

American ska-pop-punk band Goldfinger followed. Frontman John Feldman (who is in his fifties) put on one of the most energetic and entertaining live performances I’ve ever seen. Feldman, who is known for producing albums for the likes of; Panic! at the Disco!, All Time Low and Australia’s 5 Seconds of Summer was the consummate performer. Being in the mere presence of a man of his stature in such an intimate venue was well worth making the journey to Fremantle. His capacious occupation of the stage saw the audience enthralled by his performance. Mid-set this skilled entertainer crowd surfed with ease, exhibiting the skill of a veteran artist. The addition of saxophonist and trumpeter as part of the live band added an exceptional layer to the performance. Arguably the best support act I’ve seen, I couldn’t pick a fault with the execution of the performance which left the crowd primed for the main act.

Headline act Millencolin arrived on stage, welcomed with immense applause. Unsure what to expect from their performance, I soon realized but by the end of the first song I was witnessing the essence of quintessential punk rock. Dazed by their skill, even the minimal elements of their show seemed epic. The response was clear, the punk vibe emanating from the stage transferred through the crowd. Some fans (despite being over the age of forty) crowd surfed and by the third song, the venue was pumping with unconstrained energy. I had to keep my wits about me dodging rouge crowd surfers and moshing bodies. On the bright side, I managed to take some quality photos of the band and the exuberant audience.

The view from the balcony gave me an extensive perspective of the performance below and the connection between the congregation and band. This night wasn’t just a normal punk gig for the fans in attendance, it seemed to be a source of relief from their daily lives taking them to a place of euphoric nostalgia. During their hour and a half set Millencolin genuinely created an atmosphere for the best night possible for the fans, I now count myself as one of them.

Dan Cribb | Goldfinger | Millencolin


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