Berge & Jason Mraz @ Royal Albert Hall in London, UK

Review & photography by Emily Freya

Despite this past week being one of the dreariest so far this year, Jason Mraz performing at the Royal Albert Hall in London managed to cheer my week up to the best treat ever.

Much to my pleasure, Jason and his many musical accompaniments exploded onto the stage with a burst of color, life, and magic. Despite the first two songs taking quite a mellow approach, by the end of the fourth song, and very in keeping with the name of the ‘Good Vibes Tour’, the stage was full of energetic, happy musical individuals, all sporting varying rainbow colored boiler suits. These were incredibly bold, colorful outfits that created a wonderful juxtaposition between the royal, deep crimson tones of the plush Royal Albert Hall.

One thing that stood out for me was Jason’s excellent ability to involve the crowd. As well as coming out onto the stage just before the equally fantastic German support act, Berge, to say an initial hello to the eager crowd, Jason also spent much of his fourth song high-fiving the front row and making faces at the crowd seated in the boxes.

Despite always being a big fan of Jason Mraz, this mid-week pick me up of a show pleasantly surprised me and will now always be remembered by me as one of my favorite shows to date. Make sure to follow Jason on social media and see him in a city near you!!

Berge | Jason Mraz



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