Machineheart, Dreamers & You Me At Six @ Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, CA 

Review & photography by Samantha Toy

When I first walked into Great American on a Thursday night, I wasn’t sure what to except especially because I’ve never seen Machineheart or You Me At Six live before. I’ve known YMAS for the past eight years and I’ve heard nothing but great things about them and I was honored to finally see them live.

Starting off the evening was a female fronted group Machineheart hailing from Los Angeles, California. Before this tour, I haven’t heard of their band name or their music, but I’m truly glad I know about them now. Even though lead singer Stevie Scott didn’t speak much throughout their set, you could see the passion while they all performed. If you listen to PVRIS or Paramore, I think you’d like them!

Up next onstage was another Los Angeles band named DREAMERS who consists of Nick Wold, Marc Nelson (known as Nelson), and Jacob Lee Wick. While this was their third or fourth time playing in the Bay Area, they had amassed a immense following over the years, and a portion of the crowd already knew who they were. Fans were screaming along to the lyrics, smiling at each other, and dancing together to the music especially to their brand new single called “Die Happy” which released not too long ago. Frontman Wold even mentioned that their album will release in April of 2019 which a fan even screamed “hell yes!” After seeing one of my favorite bands again, I was ready to finally see You Me Six perform. 

A little bit past 9:30 pm, the room went dark, and Dan Flint (drummer) strutted onstage first heading straight to his drum set while the other four followed shortly after. “Fast Forward” was their first song on the setlist, and Josh Franceschi (vocalist) head-banged whiled danced around wearing a jacket with “VI” on the back and sharpie written all over the sleeves. After the band played more songs throughout the night, the jumpier the crowd seemed to be. Fans were gleaming and really screaming along to each lyric as dedicated fans they were. It was never ending happiness honestly. As the night progressed and eventually wrapped up, You Me At Six ended their set with an encore of four songs and one of them including my favorite songs, “Room To Breathe.” 

Even though it seemed like a very short night, I had the best time seeing all three bands perform! You can check out the band’s full setlist below and make sure to follow each group on social media for future music, tour dates, and more. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity of seeing them!!

Machineheart | Dreamers (BRAND NEW tour dates) | You Me At Six 

Fast Forward

Lived A Lie


Back Again 

Night People

Fresh Start Fever

Cold Night




Take On The World


Bite My Tongue 

Room To Breathe

No One Does It Better

Straight To My Head



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