JPEGMAFIA & Vince Staples @ Royal Oak Music Theatre in Royal Oak, MI

Review & photography by Jake Lemoine

It was yet another chilly Sunday night in Royal Oak, MI when Vince Staples was coming to town. The last time I had seen Vince Staples perform was when he headlined at MOPOP in Detroit, MI over the summer of 2018. It is a safe assumption to say that this guy knows how to light up an audience with energy. At just age 25 he has already played some of the most populated festivals worldwide.

 The line was going far down the sidewalk and had even begun to wrap around onto the cornering street. The fans all as close as possible to stay as warm as they can in yet another harsh Michigan winter. As everyone starts piling in the venue one by one JPEGMAFIA hits the stage first. JPEGMAFIA is not someone I am too familiar with but after his performance at royal oak music theatre, I’m not sure that I will ever be able to forget him for who he is. This guy is constant energy. Like I’m talking jumping off the stage and going on the other side of the metal fence just to mosh his way from one side of the crowd to the other type of energy. I couldn’t find a shutter speed that was fast enough to keep up with this guy.

 Finally the performance everyone has been waiting for… just about 20 minutes after JPEGMAFIA makes his way off stage the lights start flickering and the sound/visual effects are in game mode. The fog machines are also running at a rapid rate. About 30 seconds later Vince Staples appears out of the middle of the fog and the crowd starts going crazy as he opens up with one of his top hits “Big Fish.” He continued his set with continuous energy making sure he stayed engaged with the crowd which is something I really appreciated about his set. He played some of his older songs and some of his songs off his most recent album he dropped titled “FM!’. He finished his set off with “Norf Norf” which is one of his top hits. The energy in the venue as he was performing this final song of his set was unreal. Vince then went on to thank the crowd as a whole as he made his way off stage. Walking out of the venue just a few minutes post-show I was able to hear hundreds of people already reminiscing on the show, and that is how you know you just put on a performance like the one Vince Staples did.

JPEGMAFIA | Vince Staples  


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