The Midnight Club, Ariana and The Rose, Overstreet & Weathers @ Marquis Theatre in Denver, Colorado

Review & photography by Angela Smith

Fresh off their cross-country run with Magic Giant, the Los Angeles based band Weathers brought their Dumb and Twenty tour to Denver’s Marquis Theater on Mar. 10, 2019.

The first band to take the stage was the Denver band The Midnight Club. Immediately impressing the crowd with their incredible outfits, they got the crowd pumped with a high energy set. Right after The Midnight Club was Ariana and the Rose from New York. The emotional track “You Were Never My Boyfriend” was relatable and kept the crowd engaged. Despite many in the crowd not knowing her, Ariana and the Rose definitely left an impression with her cover of *NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye.” Partway through the set, fans began doing the macarena, a fun interaction that stuck throughout the rest of the show.

Up next was Overstreet, a group created by Chord Overstreet best known for playing Sam Evans in Glee. Despite a general familiarity with Glee, not much of the crowd seemed to know of Overstreet. The group only has two officially released songs, but every single song they played was impressive. The tracks “Addicted” and “All Nighter” were the perfect way to open the set, they got the crowd engaged and excited for more. By the time the two released tracks “Carried Away” and “Wasted Time” came around, it was evident that these talented performers had acquired some new fans.

By the time that Weathers took the stage the crowd was buzzing. The band opened with the high energy track “Carry Us Home” and had the crowd singing along immediately. Older fans were satisfied very quickly with the 2016 single “I Don’t Wanna Know” being next up on the setlist. Soon after, a fan favorite, “Poser,” was played to a crowd yelling all the words back and jumping. Right in the middle of the set, the band surprised the crowd by playing an unreleased and unrecorded track entitled “Lonely Vampire.” During the song, lead singer Cameron Boyer got into the crowd and instructed everyone to crouch down, a move he said they stole from the band Castlecomer. When the chorus came back in, Boyer and the entire floor of the Marquis jumped and yelled the words “Lonely Vampire.” Immediately after “Lonely Vampire,” the band played a mashup of their hit single “Happy Pills” and Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like The Wolf.” By the time the encore came around the entire crowd had spent the majority of the set yelling and dancing and having an amazing time. The dancing and showmanship of Boyer and the rest of the band were impressive and had many mesmerized. The encored consisted of the recently released single “Dirty Money” and album single “Problems.” The show ended to massive applause and desire for setlists and other various souvenirs to which Boyer responded by closing his eyes and handing out setlists at random.

Overall, the Dumb and Twenty tour was impressive from each opener to the energy created in the room. I personally have a lot of respect for each band that stuck around to meet everyone in the venue, and to all the fans for buying enough merchandise that certain sizes were completely sold out. Weathers is without a doubt a must-see act the next time they tour.

The Midnight Club | Ariana and The Rose | Overstreet | Weathers


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