Kodak Black @ The Bomb Factory in Dallas, TX

Review & photography by Juan Badillo

Last Friday night, Kodak Black was set to perform in Dallas, TX and everyone was excited for the night. While I was looking at the crowd as they were just starting to let people enter the venue, I noticed that a lot of dedicated fans were wearing XXXTentacion’s merch. Also known as “X,” he and Kodak had collaborated before his death which clearly has made a huge impact on their fanbases. The song eventually went to platinum, and I was ready to finally hear it live because I think it’s a great song. As a fan of Kodak and a huge fan of X, the song really touched me as soon as I heard the beat coming from the speakers. Everyone threw up an “X” sign up by crossing their hands, and it was indeed a beautiful moment and way to honor his legacy. Aside from my favorite moment, Kodak Black really threw a fantastic show, and all the people that were in attendance would say the same.

Kodak is still finishing up his North American tour, and you can find dates in a city near you!

Kodak Black


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