Sophie Rose, Plested & Nina Nesbitt @ The Roxy Theater in West Hollywood, CA

Review & photography by Andrea Czarnota

As fans anxiously waited for Nina Nesbitt, they were greeted by Sophie Rose with a mesmerizing voice full of passion, and a smooth acoustic performance by Plested. A perfect transition to the energetic,pop-heavy headliner.

Nina’s energy radiated and took up the entire stage as she moved from side to side with a massive smile embracing the cheers. She started off with a teaser of “Somebody Special” to get the crowd amped up. Nina has been strongly influenced by 90’s pop with indie aesthetics and is supported by a label who fully embraces her style, and her performance does not sell her talent short. She played her top hits and even added acoustic versions of “Somebody Special” and “The Best You Had.” She invited Charlotte Lawerence to the stage during “Psychopath,” a song the two recorded at Spotify Studios with Sasha Sloan.

As she introduced her last song, she made a cheeky hint that Nina didn’t want the night to end and the crowd immediately cheered for an encore as she stepped off stage. Staying true to her pop roots, she sang a cover of Britney Spears’ “Toxic” while wearing a fan-made hat that read “Nina Nesbitch.” Her wit couldn’t help her from sneaking in a perfectly timed “It’s Nina Nesbitch” joke into her song.

Nina Nesbitt’s “The Sun Will Come Up” North American tour is coming to an end, but her UK tour is starting in April – you won’t want to miss it.

Sophie Rose | Plested | Nina Nesbitt



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