Jordan Hollywood, Lil Marlo, City Girls, Blueface, & Lil Baby: Dallas, TX 2019

Jordan Hollywood, Lil Marlo, City Girls, Blueface, and Lil Baby @ Southside Ballroom in Dallas, TX

The New Generation Tour headlined by Lil Baby made its way to Dallas, TX recently. This date marked Lil Baby’s 3rd performance here within the past year and it was by far the best show yet. Previously seeing him at a festival in San Antonio last year, I knew this show was going to be something special.

Opening up the tour where the artists’ Jordan Hollywood, Lil Marlo, City Girls, and Blueface. Blueface opened up the show and I was very excited to finally see him perform. His performance had a high-level of energy and every big artist needs an opener like him. After his set, Lil Marlo and Jordan were the next two opening acts and kept the show’s energy alive.

City Girls came up next before the main act which was Lil Baby. They consist of female rappers JT and Yung Miami. Unfortunately, JT is currently in jail but Yung Miami still held it down and gave us an amazing performance. All the girls in the crowd were finishing and singing JT’s verses and it was truly something amazing to witness.

It was finally time for 2018’s Rookie of the Year to perform. Lil Baby opened up with my favorite song, Yes Indeed. As a fan of his, I had to take a moment and look at the crowd for a moment to take in that feeling you get when there’s an artist you like right in front of you. His shows are all always so amazing and I made a deal with myself that I will go to every show he has here in Dallas.

Jordan Hollywood | Lil Marlo | City Girls | Blueface | Lil Baby


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