Sam Tye (guitar), Josh Raven (lead vocals), Stephen Beerkens (bass, keyboard), Linden Marissen (drums) also known as The Faim will be touring around North America in the next few weeks as they open up for Andy Black. The tour kicks off in Sacramento, CA at Ace of Spades on April 7th and will end the trip in Virginia Beach, VA at Elevation 27 late May.

The Faim began their successful journey by connecting with producer John Feldmann, and they started working with music together which eventually led the band to co-write with Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy), Mark Hoppus (blink-182), Josh Dun (Twenty One Pilots), and Ashton Irwin (5 Seconds of Summer).

In February of 2018, The Faim released their debut EP – Summer Is A Curse – and they have toured globally nonstop while they have supported PVRIS, Against The Current, and Sleeping With Sirens; in addition, they also played great festivals including Reading & Leeds, and Slam Dunk. Not too long ago, the guys also collaborated with Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low and embarked on their first ever headline tour of Australia and Europe, with many sold-out dates.

These four guys hailing from Australia will be taking the United States by storm, and they already have over 20 million global streams! You can still purchase tickets to their North American tour with Andy Black here, and you don’t want to miss out on all of the fun!

Interview by Samantha Toy / Photo credit Jonathan Weiner

Since the launch of – Summer Is a Curse – you all have supported PVRIS, Sleeping with Sirens, played at Reading & Leeds, and collaborated with Alex of All Time Low. What would you say is the main highlight in your careers so far?

I don’t think we could choose only one. All of these experiences have been amazing in their own right and taught us a lot about ourselves and the artists we want to be.

What are some goals you would like to achieve as a band?

I think it’s safe to say we have a lot of goals we would like to achieve. I think headlining a festival is definitively one of them, and touring Asia would be another. We always want to do things we haven’t done before, so we’re always thinking of new goals to achieve.

You’ll be hitting the road with Andy Black in the US shortly. What can fans expect from your live shows?

Yes, we are! They can definitely expect a rock show. Our live show is super important to us, it’s where we really get the chance to connect with everyone.

When you’re touring, and there are long drives, what are some activities you like to do to pass the time? Play cards, listen to music, play video games, sleep?

To be honest, we have done all four of those things, but I’d say the main one is sleep. We rarely get seven hours of sleep a night on tour, as we always have to get to the next place, so rest generally happens in the van. Once we got so bored in the van that we tried freestyle rapping over some beats, then we started giving each other challenges, like including three random items in your rap that someone else has to choose for you.

 For all of our fans who are setlist divas, can you give us a hint which songs you’ll be playing?

We don’t have much of a repertoire to choose from yet but let’s just say we’ll be playing new songs as well as some not so new ones!

 Ace of Spades at Sacramento, CA will be the first date of the tour. Are you all excited to party with us?!

This will be our first time in Sacramento as well as the first day of the tour, so we’re super excited about this one!

After this spring tour and a few summer festivals in the next few months. What else is in the works for you all for this year?

More music and more touring!

Thanks for chatting with us and we’ll see you in Sac!

Thank you! See you there!

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