Matthew Logan Vasquez: LONDON, UK 2019

Matthew Logan Vasquez @ The Islington in London, UK

Review & photography by Liv Rook

Matthew dropped into London on a short visit and played The Islington for the night on March 21st. Although the Islington is a cozy pub, the room was filled with an audience on the night.

Matthew seemed super happy to be in London and told his audience that the bassist on the night was actually from London, rather than from Texas. He spent some time joking about giving the bassist a Texan alter ego and cracked many jokes about the Equinox and how it caused him to lose his wallet in the airport earlier that day.

What I noticed straight away about Matthew was his humble attitude. I love how he, his drummer and bassist came in from the bar entrance, rather than the secret backdoor- pints in hand, just like his audience. In my opinion, when an artist does little things like this, it can really shape the way the show is received. I can tell you that the show was received very well by the audience.

Matthew started his set off with some loud, energetic songs which the audience clearly appreciated. The beer was spilling left, right and center and as soon as a song ended a massive cheer filled the room. I think the most popular song that he sang was a cover of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Yet, he especially captured the audience’s attention when he decided to sing one of his own songs, ‘Oslo.’ This song was quite a contrast to the electric set he had played prior, with meaningful lyrics about his family, cancer and traveling around the world.

Matthew has now finished his UK tour dates, but for European tour dates/ticket information, head over to his website. Follow Matthew on Instagram: @matthewloganvasquez here as well.

You can also stream his newest album ‘Light’n Up’ via Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, etc.

Matthew Logan Vasquez

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