Lunacre & David Gray @ Royal Festival Hall in London, UK

Review & photography by Megan Arnold

The night kicked off with Lunacre, a 3 piece alternative band hailing from London. Their musical talent filled the Royal Festival Hall capturing the hearts of the audience. Their set consisted of electronic acoustic, very alternative songs, including a song or two from their debut EP ‘Pearl Tabloid’. Song after song the audience applauded them with so much enthusiasm. Just as their set ended they expressed how thrilled they were to play a hometown show at the Royal Festival Hall. After their set, there was none stop chatter about how well they performed and sounded.

Around half an hour later, as everyone had finally taken their seats, David Gray, took the stage at the Royal Festival Hall to perform songs off of his latest album ‘Gold In A Brass Age’. His atmosphere throughout the whole show was beyond amazing from the moment he walked out. His fans remained completely mesmerized by his presence the whole night. The amount of effort from his band and himself was outstanding, so many instruments surrounded the stage, and they managed to use all of them perfectly.

 Safe to say this show was an emotional one for both David and the crowd, they both had so much appreciation for one another. As David left the stage with a rising ovation, the audience seemed glum to see the set come to an end. However, David came back on stage moments later to give his audience 3 more songs to end their night on a high. He ended the set with ‘Babylon’, and the crowd was beyond ecstatic to how the night had come to the end. All I could hear after was the buzzing excitement and happiness of his fans, and the phrase ‘I love David’.

Lunacre | David Gray

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