Ghost Iris @ O2 Islington in London, UK

Review & photography by Liv Rook

Danish metal band Ghost Iris has been touring Europe with SOEN for the past few weeks and stopped by in London for one day to play O2 Islington. When asked about it, they said they were super excited and saw O2 Islington as an iconic venue.

Before I went into the venue to ask Ghost Iris a few questions, I noticed a man waiting outside the doors. This was around 4pm, and the doors weren’t opening until 7. His name was Dave, he had come all the way down from Scotland and had been waiting in this place since mid-day just to claim a front-spot and potential meet with SOEN. When I asked about Ghost Iris, he said he had only just found out about them in January but wanted to come down and check them out.

From interviewing the band earlier on in the day, I got to know them a bit better. The guys were super lovely and welcoming and allowed me to sit around wherever I wanted. Before the concert, I was warned that they were about to get a bit childish as they like to hype themselves up before every gig. Jesper, the lead vocalist, said ‘it really does make a difference’ while jumping and twisting up a hallway.

When the band came on to play their first song, it was clear that most of the crowd hadn’t heard of them before. However, I can say that Ghost Iris made some new fans that night and that’s all due to the amazing performance that they put on. “What’s our name?” Jesper shouted to the crowd a few times and got some powerful replies: “Ghost Iris!”. At the end, the band allowed me on stage to take my first band and audience photograph, where you can see a happy and hyped crowd. They were an incredible support to SOEN, and they got their crowd pumped up and ready for a night of metal music.

Ghost Iris has recently released their newest album called, ‘Apple of Discord,’ and you can stream and buy it here. For the last of their European tour dates and ticket information, head over to this site here.

I also had the chance to interview the guys before the show, and they confirmed that they will be playing some metal festivals this summer, but couldn’t say which ones for now. Keep an eye out on their online pages and my interview with them in late May for the full interview!

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