Janiyah & MayaB @ Southside Music Hall in Dallas, TX

Review & photography by Juan Badillo

Last Saturday night March 30th, I had the honor to attend Summer Walker’s show on her “Girls Need Love” Tour in Dallas, TX. Female singer, Janiyah, opened up the show and had all the girls in the venue gassing up throughout her entire performance. She really had this special connection with the fans that I haven’t experienced from an opening artist in such a long time.

Coming up after her was a 20-year-old sensation, MayaB. Her amazing talents earned her signing with Capitol Records and is bound to be discovered by the music world. Her performance was full on outstanding because of her vocals. I knew the fans were truly enjoying it after hearing them scream at her for a picture as she had just finished her third or fourth song. It put a smile on my face when she went straight to those fans after she finished her performance for a picture. These simple acts of kindness from artists warm my heart and I truly wish her an amazing journey into her career.


Written by Veracious Magazine

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