Christian French, Ashe, & Quinn XCII @ Ace of Spades in Sacramento, CA

Review & photography by Marisela Delgado

As I began walking towards Ace of Spades, I saw fans wrapped around several blocks waiting to enter the sold-out music venue. As I made my way inside, I checked in at the box office receiving: a ticket, AA badge & a photo wrist band. As Brad (Christian French’s manager) and I walked our way through the crowd & employees, we walked through double doors. The hallway was painted bright red with black barriers. Wrapping around the corner, I met Indiana native Christian French. I spoke with Christian about the tour, emotions, future collaborations, his first show, etc. As we’re sitting in this fairly small green room, you can hear concert attendees sing along to the playlist and voices getting louder. As the interview came to an end, Christian gave me a big hug and thanked me for my time- I exchange my gratitude as well. As I head out back into a sea of people, I begin to set up.

Opening up the show, Christian came onto the stage with vibrant yellow, orange, blue and green lights, a full-size keyboard and a guitarist placed stage right. His stage presence was very much alive. As I had my camera following French, he exchanged smiles, poses and most importantly, crowd engagement. Up next was San Jose native Ashe. She made herself much known; it was her time to perform. Coming on stage wearing a short yellow sleeve shirt, a long sleeve red jacket and mom jeans she began: jumping, back bending and laughing all while singing. Her light set was very moody. Dark blue and green lights, with a touch of white. Not once did she stop smiling, spinning or laugh. Once again, I followed Ashe with my camera. She actually used me as support as she crouched down to get more personal with the crowd. She caught me off guard because I had my back to her while I was trying to find a new angle. As she positioned herself, I took quick photos of her to not have my camera in her face.

As her act came to an end, last but not least was the main act Quinn XCII. He had a timer in the background counting down his presence. Of course, when the clock struck five, the crowd finished the countdown. As he took the stage a prompt in the background said “From Sacramento With Love” Quinn was a bit more on the mellow side. Having his mic mostly on the stand he still made the crowd feel very much alive. Having multiple colors fill the venue, singing along from the crowd flowed as well. Having hundreds of fans screaming behind me, you can see the excitement with Quinn build up. Concerts goers even spaced up enough room for a minimal dance floor.

As the night ended, multiple people filled up the merch table waiting to buy clothes & possibly meeting the artists. Nonetheless, I had a very eventful night with Christian, Ashe, and Quinn here in Sacramento, CA at Ace of Spades.

Christian French | Ashe | Quinn XCII



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