UPSAHL, & Max Frost @ House of Blues in Houston, TX

Review & photography by Vanessa Umanzor

Austin, Texas native, singer, songwriter, and producer Max Frost stopped at the House of Blues in Houston to deliver his “one-man-musical-experience” on April 2nd at the Bronze Peacock.

While I had paid many visits to the House of Blues in the past, this was the first time I familiarized myself with the Bronze Peacock stage. As fans streamed into the venue, I followed not too far behind to find this new separate entrance. As attendees mingled, I gazed around stoked about the place very own hole in the wall. Instantly, one realizes it is much smaller than the House of Blues main stage. It’s lower to the ground and has no barrier to separate the artist from the fans. Unassuming and intimate. It was still early, yet many were already standing by it and anticipating the first act of the day.

UPSAHL appeared in front of the crowd about a quarter past 8pm with the cutest pair of orange tinted glasses. The crowd’s initial response was very enthusiastic. If they didn’t know her, it wasn’t too apparent. As the set moved along, it peaked with energy and charisma when she announced her next song was about “fuckboys” about “SMARTY.” My personal favorite by the lovely singer “Can You Hear Me Now” came right after. I won’t go further as that was basically her whole set; banger after banger and the blessing of her presence strutting on stage.

 Fans didn’t have to wait long after the opener to hear the multi-instrumentalist hits flood the walls. Some hits included in Max Frost’s set were “Eleven Days,” “Withdrawal,” and “White Lies.” But extra excitement radiated around the end of the performance when he announced UPSAHL and her band would be joining him back on stage for a cover. “Sing along if you know the words,” he said as they jumped into Houston’s very own Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable.” Max gave a passionate iteration of his very own “Good Morning” to finish off the evening.

The Gold Rush Tour was originally slated to take place from October to November of 2018. Consequently, it was canceled as Max Frost jumped at the amazing opportunity to open up for Twenty One Pilots. The topic arose as he recounted the last time he was in town. He addressed the crowd with his massive gratitude to anyone who had bought tickets for the canceled tour or showed up after discovering him at The Bandito Tour. It was refreshing to see someone so genuinely thankful for the opportunity to play in front of music enthusiasts. It was also astounding to see his showmanship. You could tell there was sincere love for the live performance on stage that night.

Max Frost| UPSAHL

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