The Midnight @ Baltimore Soundstage in Baltimore, MD

Review & Photography by Marie Newby

On a Tuesday night, the Baltimore Soundstage was packed with people eagerly waiting for the band The Midnight to take the stage. All the cheering, and people wearing light capes–they were ready for an amazing show. As the stage lights dimmed, the song “Youth” began to the play. The crowd cheered, and slowly grew quiet as the song continued on. The members of the band finally took the stage, and jumped into their next song “Wave.”

Hearing The Midnight’s music that night made me wish I had listened to them months ago. To see the crowd sing along, and lead singer reach out towards the crowd with the microphone in hand made me want to sing along. The vibe and energy the band gave off throughout their set were great to experience. During their song “Days of Thunder,” one of the members began to play the saxophone, which took me by surprise. The Midnight gave off an 80’s vibe especially with their light show of purples, blues, pinks, and oranges.

At one point during the show, the band member playing the saxophone jumped down from the stage and continued to play through the crowd. The crowd went wild. It was such an amazing sight to see. Ending their set with “Lost and Found” and “Sunset,” I highly recommend seeing The Midnight at some point on their tour. The show overall was a great experience.

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