Violet Days @ El Club in Detroit, MI

Review & photography by Daaron Donohue

Since the day Violet Days was announced Swedish singer/songwriter Lina Hansson and respected producer Kris Eriksson had a lot of eyes pointed their way. Each having followings of their own, this collaborative project seemed like a match made in heaven. Lina’s soft and meaningful lyrics accompany Kris’s winding and dreamy production that when put together takes the listener to an array of different places. Some tracks feel like a night drive in the rain in the heart of NY, others feel like beautiful mornings in dew covered fields with the one person that means the most. This flexibility shows that there’s no ceiling to what the two can create and their debut EP “Made in my Head,” showcases that.

Playing their 7 song EP in its entirety, the duo took the stage accompanied by drummer Franklin who had recently remixed a few of their songs, they dove into the set. What made this performance so memorable is how well every member of the group did their respective “job.” Kris provided dreamy backing vocals while playing the keys. Franklin gave an amazing performance on the electronic drum pad. Commanding the attention of the audience at times queuing the band in on a drop you could hear him scream “let’s go,” as the bass dropped. He So focused and passionate, something you could see on his face. But Lina definitely stole the show. Sounding extremely close, if not better than the recorded versions of each song, her powerful yet amazingly controlled vocals left the audience hanging on every note.

Many artists collaborate and come up with a couple, or even a few good cuts. This isn’t one of those cases. Violet days shows just how well the two match and the potential of how deep the lyricism can go in a genre that mainly focuses on the instrumental and production side. They have a chance to be a real super group of the genre, and I’m very excited to see more in the future.

Violet Days


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