Free Radio Hits Live Music Festival in Birmingham, UK

Review by Liv Rook

Free Radio Birmingham is back again this year with their annual ‘Free Radio Hits Live’- a concert being held at Arena Birmingham to celebrate its tenth anniversary. This year they’ve added an extra date due to high demand: May the 4th. Ticket prices are going for as little as £40.75 to see big names such as Anne Marie, Ellie Goulding, Louis Tomlinson, James Arthur and more.

The radio station is letting ticket buyers know that they can pay an additional £2 to support the radio’s charity, ‘Free Radio Cash for Kids’- hoping to support local, disadvantaged children who may be living in poverty, struggling with a learning disorder and/or serious illness. The concert gives a strong sense of community, allowing those in the Midlands to see incredible artists while supporting those in the area, as well.

Free Radio Birmingham welcomes everyone to celebrate their tenth anniversary in May. To find out more about the concert and the charity, ‘Free Radio Cash for Kids’, then please follow these links:

Tickets |Info | Charity info


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