Fusing raw, honest lyrics with heart-pounding drum grooves and guitar riffs, Baltimore, Maryland’s pop/rock band have released a single, Limits on all media platforms. Often compared to acts such as Taking Back Sunday The Starting Line, and PRVIS, the group is sure to tip their hats to long-time influences while adding elements of modern alternative rock to the mix.

Founded in the Fall of 2013, Heart for Hire is composed on Julie Wanner (vocals/guitar), Brian Lis (guitar), Mike Wagner (bass), and Michael Shank (drums).

“Limits” is a song about a stage of life, in my case, my early 20s, where the pressures of fitting in, partying, and substances can lead to deeper rooted issues such as depression, anxiety, and losing your sense of self-worth. The title comes from realizing your limits and taking a step back to reanalyze what’s important. For me, I was consumed with school, my job, and family issues, so partying served as a way of forgetting those stresses. That lifestyle really took a toll on myself and my circle of friends. It affected my mental and physical health, relationships, and took away from my passions. The song is about overcoming personal struggles and not losing sight of what you truly need in life,” states the band.

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