Drawn magnetically to a shared human spirit, Jagwar Twin melds a worldly-ensemble of alternative sounds on the debut album Subject to Flooding. Roy English, the driving force behind Jagwar Twin, emerges as a spiritual monk warrior with a powerful voice and prophet-like poetry paired against a landscape of 60’s style guitars, gritty hip-hop breakbeats, and flipped MPC samples reminiscent of Dark Fantasy-era Kanye West. The album will have you seeing the world through a new lens while feeling the beginning of a new alternative movement. “Everything around us is filled with duality and choice,” says English. “Just as one can be flooded with love and emotion, flooding can also bring destruction.” The search for balance and self-discovery is what powers Jagwar Twin. As a self-taught singer in high school, Roy was bullied for his vocal tone. Early on he realized that he could channel that negative energy into art and dove deeper into self-exploration
through songwriting and production.

Recently signed to Atlantic Records and already hitting North America with lovelytheband starting in May, Jagwar Twin is on the road to fame. One of his tracks, “Loser” even received some early attention last year from alternative radio and racked up more than 3 million Spotify which is not bad for a starting artist!

You can read our exclusive interview with Jagwar Twin below, and you can catch his live set in a city near you as he opens for lovelytheband. For more information, please visit:

Interview by Mya Hamilton

Can you tell us more about Subject to Flooding and which song was the most fun to write/record?

“Move To You” was written in a little cabin with a wood burning fire out in the desert of Joshua Tree. I did some of the demo vocals in the garage of a house my friends, and I were staying in at the time (we eventually got kicked out). But I did the final vocals in this beautiful villa right in the center of Florence, Italy. The album was a process that took me all over the world, and the songs are a mirror of that experience.

What do you hope your listeners take away from your music?

That we are both the dream and the dreamer. Everything is possible.

You’ll be hitting the road with lovelytheband starting in April around the US! Which city on this run are you most excited to perform in?

I don’t have a favorite. Chicago is always fun. I’ve spent a lot of time recording there. I love Portland too. But then there’s Salt Lake City.

Have you already planned out your setlist? If so, how do you determine which songs you’ll play live?

We’re gonna play pretty much the whole album but rearrange and interpret them differently. Like Roman architecture.

What can your fans expect to see from your live set?

They can expect to be part of shared energy between the humans on stage and the humans in the audience. There is no difference.

What is the biggest goal you hope to achieve musically?

I hope the music acts as a mirror to listeners and helps them discover and be more purely themselves. It’s never about goals, money, or success. It’s human.

After the tour in the spring, what’s next for Jagwar Twin?

We’re just warming up in the spring.

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