Single review: “You’ll Be Okay” by Retro Color

Review by Kristen Zarra

Retro Color is a pop/rock brother duo based out of Southern California consisting of Ethan and Jeremy Kregel.  The band has been placed on the High School Nation Tour along with headliners, The Plain White T’s, running from March 25th– April 26th2019.  Retro Color is releasing their new song. You’ll Be Okay on April 13th2019, showcasing their writing style of simple hooks and energetic beats.

You’ll Be Okay, produced by Daniel Wonacott (Finch), is geared to remind listeners that, despite the hardships they may face throughout life, everything will be okay.  It is a slower ballad type song, allowing the vocals to really shine.  With lyrics such as “Don’t be scared just be someone like you” and“You’re on your own a bit unknown, you don’t know, you don’t know, and that’s okay” makes this song relatable.  Everyone at some point in their life has struggled with feeling unsure of themselves, life choices or career paths, and music is often what helped them to heal and continue to push on with following a dream.  First time hearing You’ll Be Okay, it comes off as having a slow start, but after playing it over, it is worth the time to listen.

This release comes in the middle of Retro Color’s run with the High School Nation Tour, making it the perfect timing.  It will reach old fans, as well as new ones, leaving them both wanting to hear more of what they have to offer. Their self-titled debut song Retro Color has 70s/80s music vibes and has upbeat instrumentals.  It differs from their new song, but it is always good to have a balance of fun dance along with songs, and songs that tackle real-life emotions. You can stream their music on all music platforms!

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