DarkRise, Nordjevel, God Dethroned, Belphegor & Suffocation: London, UK 2019

DarkRise, Nordjevel, God Dethroned, Belphegor & Suffocation @ The Underworld in London, UK

Review & photography by Marisela Morales

On the 15th of April, a sold-out show took place at The Underworld. Belphegor teamed up with Suffocation for co-headlining Europe Under Black Death Metal Fire Tour. I missed Belphegor playing in England a couple of times and was just as excited to see them as the other fans in the queue outside the venue.

Opening the night were DarkRise, a brutal death metal band from Switzerland. The band was founded in 1998 and toured across Europe many times. DarkRise has five full-length albums under their belt. When the band started their set about half of the fans were still outside, and the crowd inside was hanging out at the back of the venue. Despite not playing for a big crowd the band did a good job playing in quite a dark setting, however, there could have been a bit more movement and attempt to engage with the crowd.

The next band that night was Nordjevel, I would say a new band from Norway playing black metal since 2015. The band has just released their second album titled ‘Necrogenesis’ at the end of March, so just a couple of weeks ago. As I’ve read, it’s a newly formed band I wasn’t expecting too much, but I was definitely positively surprised with the show they prepared. The band certainly knows how to deliver a high-quality performance! The vocalist at the beginning of the show poured fake blood all over himself which created a dark atmosphere and got the crowd excited and wanting more. Band with less experience than any other bands playing that night but definitely worth keeping an eye on as I believe they will be playing at bigger venues very soon.

God Dethroned played next, a band that was formed in 1990 in The Netherlands. This death metal band had a bit tough start as the lighting wasn’t working properly for the first song. However, I don’t think that affected their performance or the crowd’s enjoyment. God Dethroned put together a setlist containing some of the older tracks and some that haven’t been played before. I enjoyed the music, unfortunately, the band was lacking visual effects a bit as there was not much of a movement apart from the vocalist that was making funny faces that got fans smiling.

Belphegor is an Austrian black death metal band playing since 1993, with 11 albums on their account. I could tell the crowd enjoyed previous bands playing, but when props were put out on the stage, everyone started to push forward just to be closer to the stage as they knew a show will begin shortly. Soon lots of smoke appeared, and music started playing. One by one band members entered the stage, almost invisible as the smoke was really dense. When lights turned on Belphegor started to play ‘Sanctus Diaboli Confidimus’ witch the crowd started headbanging to. Lit up props of skulls, bones, and makeup was visually striking which makes the band stand out and even though it’s something you would expect from a metal band it’s not that common. Overall the set was well prepared with the good setlist. I also have to mention that the vocalist had a great contact with the audience, Helmuth even gave out some picks to the fans at the end of the show.

Suffocation is American death metal band formed in 2003 and was closing the night, but the crowd was far from being tired after a long night of heavy music as crowd surfers immediately started to appear just after a couple seconds of the band playing. The energy level didn’t go down at all during their set which is an indication of a fantastic night. Suffocation kept the crowd excited throughout their set and definitely left everyone wanting more.

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