Taking Back Sunday @ The Warfield in San Francisco, CA

Review & photography by Loni Lonzo

On April 13th, Taking Back Sunday took their 20thAnniversary worldwide tour into the historic Warfield in San Francisco for the first of two nights here. The whole tour is a celebration of the band for two decades, and to celebrate, they’re playing their first album, Tell All Your Friends in its entirety, and those cities that get to house the band for two nights, they would flip a coin to determine which second album they would play in its entirety between Louder Now and Where You Want To Be, the first night being the winner of the coin flip, and the loser being the album that would be played on the second night.

The night started out with Tell All Your Friends, and the second the notes hit, the whole place erupted. The band immediately had the crowd wrapped around their fingers and they could have gotten them to do whatever they wanted, and they did. You couldn’t go anywhere without seeing people smiling and singing their hearts out whether they were at the barricade, on the balcony, or even in the lobby not even watching the show. There was a very brief break after TAYF to do the coin flip to determine the second album, and it ended up being Louder Now, and the little five minute intermission was apparently more than enough time for the whole crowd to catch their second wind and do it all again to the band’s second album to close out the night.

Now, as someone who never listened to Taking Back Sunday before this night at all, being able to witness all the energy they were putting out and the entire sold-out venue returning the energy, it was a beautiful experience, especially for something as special as the 20thanniversary of the band being together. From people singing, screaming, dancing, moshing, to someone even getting on their friends’ shoulders and ripping their shirt off, it’s no wonder TBHS has been able to do this for so long and so successfully.

Taking Back Sunday


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