Devlin @ The Garage in London, UK

Review & photography by Liv Rook

Devlin, a huge name in the grime scene, has returned this year with his Outcast Tour- covering 6 places in the UK. His penultimate gig for this tour happened to be in The Garage, Highbury. Devlin chose three support acts to perform before he came out on stage: Tommy B, Rawz Artilla and Syer B.

Devlin also had a personal DJ on stage, who got the crowd jumping in between Syer B and Devlin’s sets. As he came out, Devlin was followed by friends and other artists on stage whilst the crowd went wild- beer flying everywhere. He started off his set playing his most well-known songs and dove into some of his newer songs from his latest album, further on.

The craziest part of the night was when Devlin brought out his friend and fellow grime artist, Ghetts. Ghetts and Devlin have been on a similar music journey for the past decade or so and have songs and freestyle duos published together. With two large grime names on stage, the night was set up to be a big one. It was clear that the audience’s expectations were out-done and that everyone in that crowd was beyond happy to be there that night.

Although Devlin’s tour is about to finish, you can find him at festivals this year. To buy tickets to see Devlin, follow this link here.

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