Limbs, Dayseeker, Like Moths To Flames & The Plot In You: Houston, TX 2019

Limbs, Dayseeker, Like Moths To Flames & The Plot In You @ White Oak Music Hall in Houston, TX

Review & photography by Vanessa Umanzor

On April 15, White Oak Music Hall in Houston welcomed The Plot In You on their Feel Nothing tour with Limbs, Dayseeker, and Like Moths to Flames. Doors opened at 6pm, and as a gaggle of people trickled into the show, I overhear as some discuss where they have commuted in from to attend. Dallas, Corpus Christi, even Australia.

I’m ecstatic they came to this decision. The basic difference between the White Oak Music Hall and similar venues in Houston is that artists booked at others seem to focus on the sound quality and stagecraft artists can offer. At White OakWwhat they truly care about is pure, simple fun. Which is by a longshot the most important thing for fans to get after a long workday on a Monday night.

Limbs kicked things off their lively set at 7:05pm working hard to rile up a still meager crowd. The response was fairly spirited. Dayseeker didn’t waste much time hoping on stage afterward and launching into their thing a little earlier than set times suggested. The audience was at last on its tiptoes and relishing in the performance. I personally wasn’t familiar with these two artists, but rest assured that they made a fan out of me.

Like Moths To Flames came on stage following Dayseeker, and they clearly know what the fans want: their favorite songs performed live. “GNF,” “Bury Your Pain,” and “You Won’t Be Missed” each one a song that took me back to high school. Each one a nostalgic crowd-pleaser. I would go as far as to say to everyone went home after hearing at least one favorite Like Moths to Flames song.

At last, The Plot In You appeared on stage. It was all very emotional. Undeniably honest and heartfelt energy into an impressive hour-long set. They tore through songs such as like “RIGGED,” “THE ONE YOU LOVED,” “NOT JUST BREATHING,” and “FEEL NOTHING” from their latest album Disposelike their lives depended on it. The concert was a mix of quality and fun showmanship. “Thank you for spending your Monday with us there’s a lot of cooler things you can be doing,” said lead singer Landon Towers. I respectfully beg to differ.

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