Violet Days @ Trees in Dallas, TX


Review & photography by Juan Badillo

Last Friday night Violet Days and The Midnight made their way to Dallas, TX to perform at the venue Trees. After performing the first song I started hearing a few people trying to guess where Violet’s accent was from. Nobody was able to get it right as she told the crowd that she was from Sweden. Just after a few songs in, the crowd was definitely feeling it as they started clapping to the beat and putting their arms up high as they consistently moved them from left to right.

Violet then went on to perform her unreleased song “Afterparty”. I knew the fans enjoyed the song when everyone started jumping and making it feel like an actual afterparty. I truly enjoyed and loved Violet’s set. After her performance, I can honestly say that she is a star in the making. 

You can follow her on social media for further updates of music, tours, and more!

Violet Days


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