Cellophane, Basement & The Story So Far: Capitol Bar in Perth, Western Australia

Review & photography by Sethen Sheehan-Lee

American Pop-Punk band The Story So Far played the final show of their co-headline tour with British Rockers Basement at the intimate Capitol Bar in Perth. Several of the dates on this length of their world tour had previously sold out creating quite a lot of hype around their show in Perth.

Local support Cellophane drew in the crowd for their 30-minute set. The group did a great job of performing punk music that was as energetic as it was chilled. The group managed to win over more and more of the audience as their set continued, by the time they performed their last song the crowd’s applause was similar to that of a headliner act. Cellophane may not currently be the biggest band in the Perth scene, but they are certainly on the way with the night’s performance compared to that of a headline act.

As Basement took the stage the energy within the venue accelerated. While it was unusual to start a set with one of their most well-known songs “Disconnect” I think it created a strong opening for their overall performance. Apart from providing a high energy show, the group was also great as a live act. A stand out performer in the group was their long-haired guitarist whose high kicks and hair flips entertained the crowd non-stop. Overall it was a very enjoyable set considering I knew very few of the bands’ songs before attending this concert. I thought the energy in the room would have peaked after Basement finished their performance, but it turns out things were about to get even rowdier.

From the first song, it was clear that a decent amount of the crowd was here to see The Story So Far. The number of crowd surfers doubled from the last set, and most of the audience started singing straight away. Despite this extra energy from the crowd, I did feel that The Story So Far weren’t quite as polished as their co-headliners Basement, however, I found the raw nature of the performance better suited the groups variation on the pop-punk genre. The raw honesty of their music was also justified through banter with the crowd in between songs. During the set frontman, Parker Canon confessing that their lasted record “Proper Dose” almost didn’t happen due to the mass burn out caused from their rigorous touring schedule. This record and the live concerts that have followed show that The Story So Far have taken their varying pop-punk style of music and created a unique experience for anyone who gets to see the band live (include international renowned rapper Post Malone who was in attendance!).

You can stay up to date with all of the bands at their websites below:

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