Maggie Koerner w/Tank and The Bangas @ The Old National Center in Indianapolis, IN

Review & photography by Kailey Sullivan

Tank and the Bangas took the stage in Indy at the Old National Center just days after their late night performance on Jimmy Fallon. The Old National Center in Indy is an iconic location for upcoming artist and well-versed artists alike with great acoustics and a multitude of spaces to see shows.

Maggie Koerner came to the Deluxe stage first and stepped out boldly sporting navy coveralls and clog block heels. If there is a take away from the music of the night, it is that both Maggie Koerner and Tanks have unique, almost undefinable, qualities to them. Koerner had a rock/ pop sound but almost with a soulful Bon Iver quality over the top. Her swag and dance moves sparked praise from the audience and some conversing with them back and forth. Also integrated into her music is strong synth sounds, occupying her rich beats from her all-male band. Maggie was the perfect appetizer to loosen us up for Tank and the Bangas.

I first heard Tank and the Bangas from their tiny desk concert – which is amazing. They then made their tv debut on Jimmy Fallon 3 days before they hit the Deluxe stage. When Tank came to the stage, she was wearing all camo with her head and face covered with a scarf. She has an unexpected quality about her, which is reflected in their music. You never know exactly what you will get or what will happen. Like I mentioned, Tank and the Bangas are a strong mix of soulful, quirky spoken word, R&B, some pop and a whole lot of jazz influence. Hailing from New Orleans (and definitely taking music influence from their origins) Tank spent her high school days in Indy at a local high school after hurricane Katrina – a fact which got the crowd even more hyped.

The members of the band almost played characters on the stage. The flute player was a strong MVP. In the Late Night performance, you can see him to the right killing it on the shaker. Tank’s signature sound and noises contributed to the energy of the music and the room. At one point in the show, she picked up a rotary phone and, as part of a piece, had a spoken work call response dialogue that was very theatrical and added dimension to the whole performance. Tank and the Bangas are true performers. No doubt, much more to come from the 9-piece crew.

Check them out on one of their 40 remaining tour dates below!

Tank and The Bangas: Website | Instagram

Maggie Koerner: Website | Instagram



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