Single review: “Friends” by Maggie Lindemann

Review by Carly Young

Maggie Lindemann is back on the music scene with her newest single release of “Friends Go.” The song very clearly channels some inspiration from Panic! At the Disco, yet it still feels as though Lindemann has developed her own sounds thus proving she has her own stories to tell. “Friends Go” tugs at the feelings in which one may come to experience throughout an unhealthy and one-sided relationship. “Could spend the whole night talking to you, even if I was the only one talking” she sings. Though the song’s concept speaks on something to where when experienced, one may feel helpless… Lindemann continues to remind herself throughout the song that there is more to than that. That though she or her listeners may not feel or see it coming, there is going to be a light that sheds onto the situation, giving someone to strength to feel powerful again and walk through the situation without fear or doubt. With its catchy chorus and the summery feel that the instrumental adds to the track, the song is sure to top the charts come summer of 2019. Maggie Lindemann is most definitely an artist to watch this year.



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