Nothing More & Papa Roach @ Rock City in Nottingham, UK

Review & photography by Rebecca Marshall

First up onstage was Nothing More as they hit the crowd with so much power and energy. All four members hailing from San Antonio, Texas were bouncing around the stage like there was no tomorrow, and the entire band put so much passion into their performance, and I loved every part of it. Lead singer, Jonny Hawkins, had a fantastic stage setup especially towards the last song; he jumped into the crowd as they ended their set with a classic cover of “We Will Rock You” which all the fans screamed back every lyric. All in all, Nothing More is definitely a band to watch out for in the future as they are gaining fame quickly.

Up next was the main band—Papa Roach—the reason why we all left our warm homes on a Sunday evening. Right before Papa Roach stepped foot on the stage, you could feel the crowd’s excitement change as it led the band to finally play, and boy did they come in strong! Opening up their set was a classic song, “Last Resort,” and there wasn’t one single person in the sold-out room who didn’t sing or scream back the words to them. Fans all over the place gathered into the middle of the building to jump around as they forgot about all of their problems; everyone was in an energetic and delighted mood. The band’s lighting and staging crew on this tour also created an incredible presence, and I wanted to give them a massive shout out because I’ve rarely attended shows where so much production is involved and incorporated into their whole set.

As the night progressed, the band had a great selection of playing of old and classic, but newer songs which was perfect because we had the chance to hear them all. At one moment in their set, lead singer, Jacoby Shaddix who is an amazing performer I must add, even had the audience eating food out of his hand. He has so much energy, and he doesn’t stop! He was continually jumping, bouncing, and wailing his arms around throughout the night. What I really enjoyed was the fact that they showed respect to Keith Flint (Prodigy singer) and played their classic song “Fire Starter,” which the crowd fully loved. We all did a one-minute screaming session of his name in honor of him.

Overall, Papa Roach is still one of the best bands out there in the industry. Jacoby also showed a lot of love to the crowd at Nottingham’s show thanking them for sticking with the band for over the past 20+ years. I was really touched by him showing appreciation to their fans because not many artists these days realize how many fans will travel hours all the way to flying across the world to see them live. Even after all these years, they’re still humbled and still seem to love performing. I was truly honored to see them live and I will never forget this day.

You can check out the bands’ websites below, and you don’t want to miss out on them so make sure you grab your tickets to see them live!

Nothing More | Papa Roach

Nothing More’s setlist: Let ’em Burn, Christ Copyright, Don’t Stop, Go To War, Do You Really Want It?, Fade In/Fade Out, Jenny, Ocean Floor, This Is The Time, We Will Rock You

Papa Roach setlist: Last Resort, Help, Who Do You Trust, Getting Away With Murder, Renegade Music, Angels and Insects, Elevate, Not The Only One, Traumatic, Crooked, Falling Apart, Forever, Scars, Feel Like Home, To Be Loved, Fire Starter, Infest, Born For Greatness

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