Veracious had the chance to chat with Toronto’s band, The Beaches about their new material, being an all-female band in the music industry, and what’s next for them! You can currently see them on tour as they open for Passion Pit all across the US over the next few weeks.

Interview by Natalia Fernández // Answers by Jordan Miller

The Beaches

How is the process of songwriting and production for you? What usually inspires you?

J:  We don’t really have a specific process for songwriting! Sometimes I will come in with a vocal and melodic idea and work it out with the girls. Other times the girls will be jamming out an idea in our studio, and I’ll get inspired and just start spouting words or melodies that sound good with what they are doing. Regardless of how the song starts, it’s a collaborative process. As for what inspires us, we mostly write about personal experiences – boys we’re dating, nights out in Toronto, having too much to drink, etc.

Who are your biggest influences?

J: We all really like rock and roll. David Bowie, The Strokes, The Rolling Stones and The Killers are all bands who inspire us.

You released your debut album, “Late Show,” in 2017. Are you working on new material?

J: Yes we are. Coming soon!

Music is a notoriously difficult industry to succeed in, but have you ever felt it was particularly harder for you being an all-girl band?

J: It’s hard to say… I don’t know what it’s like to be a boy or to be in an all-boy band. There definitely were issues we faced at the beginning of our career, in that many men around us questioned our ability to play our instruments, and a few dudes were creepy with us. More and more though, I see things changing significantly. There is more female representation in the music industry. These days though, because we are so unique, I like to look at the fact that we are an all girl band as an advantage. It’s a real joy for us to show that four young women can play better and harder than a bunch of forty-year-old men.

How is the Toronto music scene? Do you feel it’s a different dynamic than in the US?

J:  It’s hard to compare the Toronto scene to the entire US music scene. Toronto is a smaller market that really values its art and music scene – it’s a really wonderful place to live and to work. It has incredibly diverse and collaborative energy that makes for a really excellent collection of artists and projects. I’m sure there are other cities across America that have a similar thing going on, I just haven’t come across one, yet that’s quite like our hometown.

What are your expectations for this U.S tour?

J: To slay.

WIRED magazine released an article titled “women will dominate the music industry in 2019”. What’s your take on this?

J: Right on. I think it’s time to hear some different perspectives from women and other communities of people whose voices and opinions haven’t really been shared before in the mainstream music scene. I think people are ready for something new.



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