The Pale White & Sam Fender @ The Melkweg in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Review & photography Romy Timmermanns

On the 29th of April, Sam Fender brought his band to Amsterdam playing a sold-out show at the popular location of Melkweg. His brand new single, Hypersonic Missiles, has been played all over the radio stations and Sam seems to be doing well in the music scene in The Netherlands.

Opening the show was The Pale White, a three-piece band also from the UK like Sam himself. They performed in front of a sold-out crowd, and all of the fans were impressed by their set. As they continued, more fans were dropping in as they were playing and everyone seemed to love them. The Pale White shared their energetic music with a packed venue, and they were a great choice as an opening act.

After a 30 minute set from The Pale White, it was time for Sam Fender and his bandmates to enter the stage themselves. They opened with the track, Millennial, and Sam immediately grabbed the attention of the fans in the room. His band then followed up with an unreleased tune of, We Will Talk In The Morning and both tracks got the crowd excited for the rest of the night.

Throughout Sam’s set, he played songs including All Is On My Side, The BordersDead Boys, Start Again, Greasy Spoon, and Play God. During a part of his performance, Sam sang the lyrics, “Eight years old with a replica gun Pushin’ in my skull, saying you’re gonna kill me if I tell,” then accompanied with the chilling meaning of the male suicide count in Northern England.

In between songs, he also shared that we [fans] can expect a debut album very soon, hopefully before festival season. He continues his set with several solo songs, standing on the stage by himself. Since the Amsterdam show was the last day of his tour and he really loved the crowd, he blessed us with another song which was a cover of “Dancing In The Dark” by Bruce Springsteen. He then closed his set off by playing “That Sound” that can be found on his latest EP, Dead Boys. Leaving the stage while the crowd was shouting for more songs, he sure left everyone wanting more.

You can see Sam Fender on his upcoming UK tour or at several festivals around the world. If you’re in the Netherlands and Sam left you wanting more you can see him again at Pinkpop festival this summer!

The Pale White | Sam Fender


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