Astrid & Zara Larsson @ The Fonda in Los Angeles, CA

Review & photography by Doug Krantz

For her “very, very first headlining American tour,” Zara Larsson rolled through Los Angeles for a sold-out night of unforgettable music on her ‘Don’t Worry Bout Me Tour’ at the Fonda Theatre. The night kicked off with a buoyant opening set by Astrid S, a self-proclaimed fan of Zara, who shared with us a story about how she had come to see Zara open for Clean Bandit when they played the Fonda years ago. In what definitely seemed like a joyous, full circle moment for her, she engaged with all of us and had everyone grooving along to her slick mix of upbeat electro-pop. Clearly, some of us in the crowd were also fans of Astrid’s, as “Hurts So Good” was one of many high energy crowd sing-a-long moments of the night. With this being only the second night of the tour, it was clear to see that both Astrid S and Zara were off to a fantastic start.

Zara triumphantly took to the stage standing high atop a metallic platform, backed by her tight four-piece band, two background singers and two dancers, opening the show with her Clean Bandit collaboration, “Symphony.” She showed off her vocal prowess, easily moving between stellar runs and high energy choreography. After getting us sufficiently warmed up, she took a moment to talk to us about how this was her first American headlining tour and shared a similar story to Astrid’s about her show there with Clean Bandit. She then moved into one of her latest releases, the banger “Don’t Worry Bout Me,” which was an early highlight in a set full of Instagram-worthy moments.

Zara’s set was a nice blend of tracks off her 2017 album ‘So Good,’ her collaborations with other artists such as the aforementioned Clean Bandit and David Guetta, and new songs. One such song was the stellar “All the Time,” which sounded like a surefire hit, as Zara sang “from the breaking of the day to the middle of the night, all the time,” while she and her dancers showcased some nostalgic girl group choreography. She had us wrapped around her beautifully manicured finger, telling us how it was a “brand new song just for you guys” and that it had never been performed live before this tour.

In a tender moment, Zara briefly slowed things down with “Uncover” as some of us up in the balcony got our cellphone lights out, creating a magical atmosphere for Zara to show off more of her smooth vocals. This song led into “I Can’t Fall in Love Without You,” where Zara did some truly insane (yet effortless) runs while her guitarist shredded his guitar solo, we were all cheers and claps for her. Picking the tempo back up with “Ruin My Life,” this was another massive sing-a-long moment which included a brand new epic dance breakdown before the final chorus blasted back in.

It’s clear that Zara Larsson is not here to play, as this show truly showcased an artist at their best, having fun, performing full out, and giving us back 110% of the energy we were giving her. In a moment that had all of us saying “WOW” (also the title of her latest release), during the song “Wow,” Zara jumped into the air and landed on the stage in the full-on splits. Wigs truly flew. “Make your jaw drop,” indeed. Ending the show with the same energy as she started, “Lush Life” became a true, sweaty dance party, which carried over into the one-two punch encore of “Ain’t My Fault” and “Never Forget You,” which saw girls in the crowd on shoulders trying to catch a better glimpse of Zara before she danced away into the night. The ‘Don’t Worry Bout Me Tour’ is one that shouldn’t be missed, and hopefully, Zara comes back to America and treats us all to another tour soon.

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