The Beaches @ The Observatory North Park in San Diego, CA

Review & photography by Natalia Fernández

The lights went down at exactly 8 pm at the Observatory North Park in San Diego, California. The place was packed, and the crowd immediately rushed to the stage as Eliza hit the kick drum. She started playing the beat for the intro of “Back of my Heart” with steady, confident hits that filled the theatre, as Jordan, Kylie, and Leandra walked in. The four of them conform The Beaches, an alternative rock band from Toronto, warming up the night for Passion Pit.

I felt caught up right from the beginning. Jordan’s voice is uniquely intense, Leandra moves back and forth seamlessly from guitar to keys, merging perfectly with Kylie’s distortion. Their sound is definitely fun and rebellious, combining a wide range of influences from David Bowie to The Strokes. They hit everyone hard with head-banging drums and percussion and kept us moving with their melodic riffs.

But what really makes them distinct and special is how effortlessly they filled their set with energy. Combining vintage-heavy looks with piercing glares into the audience, they move and dance in perfect sync and vibe with each other with complicity, which inevitably lures the audience and leaves them asking for more. Their stage presence and style can only be described as powerful, and this is something that can’t be rehearsed or choreographed.

They closed the 45-minute set with “Late Show,” and as they left the stage, I opened my phone to follow their tour. I felt that I didn’t get enough of them.

Music is, undoubtedly, a notoriously difficult industry to succeed in. And being a male-dominated field is even tougher to claim your space as an all-girl band. But The Beaches is a band that came to change the power structures, to defy gender stereotypes. I know they have a bright future in rock & roll, and hopefully, they’ll inspire coming generations of women to dive into music.

Rock isn’t dead, as many like to state. You just have to listen to what women have to say. 


The Beaches


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