So What?! Music Festival @ White Oak Music Hall in Houston, TX

Review & photography by Chelsea Miller

The So What festival made its way to Houston bringing an amazing rock lineup with it! After taking a year off, this year’s surely was it’s best yet. With two stages showcasing our favorite rock artist of today, we had the opportunity to listen to mainstream bands and some local bands alike.

Not only was this my first time attending a music festival, but this was my first time attending a rock concert! Despite living in Houston my entire life, I had no idea a small, but grand concert venue existed in a little area located in the Heights called White Oaks music hall. I really loved the venue because of how intimate it was but still gave me all the festival vibes. I was able to enjoy one artist on the main stage, but when I wanted to hear a local band, I could easily walk into the indoor stage and jam to an artist like Dying in Designer. I overall loved my new experience of the heavy rock world. I loved seeing all the different merch each band had on display, I really loved the freedom from each person moshing in the most pit, and most importantly, the artistic freedom.

From the narly mosh pits to crowd surfing, the So What festival did not disappoint. This year, we saw over 15 artists perform between two days with a band performing every 30 minutes, giving us non stop the rock. From Varials to Killswitch engage, we were blessed with different rock songs that everyone enjoyed. Each headliner followed by line up gave us endless jams and super high energy that kept the crowd chanting for more. Despite many of the bands being really mainstream high profile artist, all of the artists made sure to hang out in the crowd after the sets and meet their fans. I thought this was really amazing and made me look forward to seeing what So What has in store for their 2020 festival!



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