Movements @ The Black Cat in Washington, DC

Review & photography by Kristen Zarra

Based out of Southern California, Movements is a post-hardcore band consisting of members Patrick Miranda (vocals), Ira George (guitar), Spencer York (Drums), and Austin Cressey (Bass).  Movements self-released their first single, Protection, in January of 2015, and shortly after in August, they were signed with Fearless Records. They released their debut EP Outgrown Things in 2016, followed by their album Feel Something in 2017, both produced by Will Yip.  By April 2017, they were nominated for ‘Best Underground Band’ for the AP Press Awards.

Currently, on their second U.S. headlining tour, Movements made their stop in D.C to play at the Black Cat on May 10th.  Opening on the tour is Drug Church, Trash Boat, and Boston Manor.  The room was packed before the first band, Drug Church, took the stage. During each of the opening three bands set, fans’ energy rose, jumping around and enjoying the music.  When it was time for Movements to play, they were ready to have a great time seeing a band they love performing.

Movements began their set with The Grey and fans immediately began jumping around and singing along.  Throughout the night, Patrick talked between a few songs, saying how they enjoy playing these shows and telling everyone that guitarist Ira had broken his finger and relearned all the songs.  The fans never let the crowd have a dull moment, they were always moshing and engaging with the band.  Movements played songs mostly from Feel Something, but also performed Worst Wishes and Kept, off Outgrown Things.  Fans kept yelling “Play Protection!” a song that has never been recently played on tour.  They ended the show with a fan favorite, Daylily, and despite security not allowing crowd surfing this night, fans couldn’t resist, and many did it anyway and ended the show fully enjoying themselves.

After the show, while the band was packing up, they stopped to talk to fans as well as take photos with them.  By doing this, it connects them more with their fan base and shows how much they really enjoy being where they are.  They have a few more stops left on this tour, ending on May 19that the Metro in Chicago, IL. Movements put on a great show, if you can see them live, do not pass it up!

Movements| Boston Manor| Trash Boat| Drug Church



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