Choir Boy & The Faint @ The Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood, CA

Review & photography by Natalia Fernández

Right after their acclaimed set at Just Like Heaven festival in Long Beach, The Faint brought their show to Los Angeles, in the iconic Roxy Theatre right on the Sunset Strip.  Todd Fink, Graham Ulicny, Dapose, and Clark Baechle came to stage after the lights went down at 10 pm. If you were lucky enough to arrive early, you could catch Closeness, Fink’s parallel project with his wife, Orenda. Full of dreamy instrumentals, pulsating rhythms and stunning vocals that left us feeling charged for what was coming next. Choir Boy took the stage afterward, with a gothic, mysterious aesthetic, but still danceable. With Adam Klopp’s soul-stirring vocals and 80’s-like synths, their performance was the perfect warm-up for The Faint.

The group’s show was magnificently frenzied from start to finish. Kicking off the night with “Quench the Flame,” the ninth song from “Egowerk,” the band was warmly received by a young, hipstery crowd. With a 19-song setlist, they made fans dance among the fog and the strobe lights, evoking more energy than in any other dance party or rave I’ve ever been to. It was a loud show, and it seemed to get even louder during the encore, with the bass to “Agenda Suicide” rattling my teeth like nothing I’ve heard in a while.

Their newest album, “Egowerk,” is a poignant critique to social media, specifically the ways online platforms play into society’s worst instincts and exacerbate cultural divides. It is a powerful piece of work, combining rumbling 808s and electric jolts with insightful lyrics. The electro-pop revolutionaries prove they remain as relevant and rebellious as ever.

Choir Boy | The Faint



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