Originating from Los Angeles, California, Roy English or commonly known as Jagwar Twin has officially released his first debut album on all platforms. In addition to the new release, he also shared an official music video for the first track on the record, “Long Time Coming” and you can watch it via YouTube.

Roy English, the driving force behind Jagwar Twin, emerges as a spiritual monk warrior with a powerful voice and prophet-like poetry paired against a landscape of 60’s style guitars, gritty hip-hop breakbeats, and flipped MPC samples reminiscent of Dark Fantasy-era Kanye West. His BRAND NEW ALBUM will have you seeing the world through a new lens while feeling the beginning of a new alternative movement. “Everything around us is filled with duality and choice,” says English. “Just as one can be flooded with love and emotion, flooding can also bring destruction.” The search for balance and self-discovery is what powers Jagwar Twin.

If you haven’t already, you can read our exclusive interview with him at this link here, and you can catch him in a city near you with lovelytheband. For more information on Jagwar Twin or to find tour dates, you can visit his website here.

He’s an artist that you’ll be hearing more about in the future!




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