Jordan Ward, PJ, NBDY, & ELHAE @ The Troubadour in Los Angeles, CA

Review & photography by Natalia Fernández

After releasing the eagerly awaited LP, “Trouble in Paradise,” ELHAE–which stands for Every Life Has An Ending–brought his first headlining tour to Southern California. With top-notch openers like Jordan Ward, PJ and NBDY, the night was perfectly warmed up with groove and moody vibes. With a band confirmed by exceptional musicians -which was a very pleasant surprise, considering is not that common to see a full live band in the rap scene- ELHAE combined some old-time classics and some of his new hits, soul-stirring lyrics with a powerful sing-rap hybrid. He has the attitude of Pharrell, the authenticity and tenderness of Mac Miller, and the ability to touch people’s hearts of Frank Ocean. Which, if you ask me, is very hard to beat combination.

“Trouble in Paradise” is a touching piece of art, which strikes a chord with anyone who has experienced being truly in love. The album navigates different stages of a relationship, like the bliss and excitement of new love, and the struggles of two people trying to find their place in the world and inevitably growing apart. All these emotions come to life when ELHAE performs, with a vulnerable, transparent artist on stage and a moved audience.

Shooting an artist who’s clearly not having fun on stage is a live music photographer’s worst nightmare. Luckily, this wasn’t my case last Wednesday. Every moment of the show was worth a photo, and every expression, smile, and the look was pure and genuine. ELHAE made my job almost too easy.

Jordan Ward | PJ | NBDY | ELHAE




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