Art School Girlfriend & The Japanese House @ The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles, CA

Review & photography by Andrea Bottino

After kicking off the tour for her debut album “Good At Falling” with some album-signing events and shows all over England, Amber Bain aka The Japanese House hit the USA while Los Angeles crowd got the chance to see her live on a sold-out show at the Fonda Theatre on the 13th May.

It was easy to tell how excited the crowd was even before the doors opened as a long queue started forming outside the venue on Hollywood Boulevard early in the evening. After a slight delay, the night was opened by Margate-based Welsh singer-songwriter Polly, aka Art School Girlfriend.

Her slow yet captivating and multi-layered melodies did a great job at capturing the crowd’s attention as it seemed to thoroughly enjoy her performance and made sure to express that at the end of each song. It’s clear how Art School Girlfriend is a perfect support act for The Japanese House as her music is very likely to attract a similar fan-base.

By the time the first act was over the venue had got totally packed for the main artist and you could feel how excited the crowd was as everyone was ready for the light to go off at any second. When that eventually happened all the excitement got released in a group scream as the band entered the stage and greeted the hundreds and hundreds of fans in the venue.

The first two songs, “Face Like Thunder” and “Cool Blue,” released in 2016 and 2017 respectively, served as a throwback/introduction before the band played the first song from the latest album, “We Talk All The Time.” The rich and dreamy sound of The Japanese House filled the room instantly. However, as it’s usually the case with live music, it had more energy to it and it was actually quite hard not to get entirely caught by it and start dancing, mainly when they played “You Seemed So Happy” which is when literally everyone in the venue showed how much of a good time was having. The setlist switched between older and newer songs demonstrating how The Japanese House has been producing convincing hits over the last few years.

Overall, The Japanese House produced a solid performance where multi-layered vocals and reverb-filled guitars were perfectly matched by slow but intense stage lights that really helped to convey the emotional mood the new album delivers. However, if you, like the lady in the crowd asking to play “Wild,” really want to hear that song live, you may need to wait until the next show in LA, Amber has promised it.

Below is the full setlist for The Japanese House and the bands’ website and Facebook and Instagram page.


1. Face Like Thunder

2. Cool Blue

3. We Talk All The Time

4. Somebody You Found

5. Lilo

6. Follow My Girl

7. Still

8. Sister / Everybody Hates Me

9. f a r a w a y

10. Saw You in a Dream

11. You Seemed So Happy

12. Went To Meet Her

13. Maybe You’re The Reason

14. Leon

15. Worms

16. Clean


Art School Girlfriend: Facebook | Instagram

Japanese House: Website | Facebook | Instagram


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