Jagwar Twin, Flora Cash & lovelytheband @ Ace of Spades in Sacramento, CA

Review & photography by Marisela Delgado

California alt-pop trio “lovelytheband” brought their “Finding It Hard to Smile” tour to Ace of Spades here in Sacramento, CA on May 23rd2019. Openers included: Los Angeles Alternative/Indie artist Jagwar Twin, also known as Roy English & Swedish pop duo Flora Cash.

With a thirty minute set, Jagwar Twin had concert-goers singing and swaying to their Indie/Reggae set. Roy English drew in the crowd by stating “meet the person next to you, look around and get to know each other… we’re all equals”. After that, the crowd was very energetic, and the music venue had a different vibe to it. When it came to Jagwar’s last song, the crowd drew closer to the stage, enjoyed the last song and cheered as if they were the headlining act.

As Swedish pop-duo Flora Cash took the stage, the crowd cheered non-stop. The lights were low, and the music was mellow. Although their songs are more on the softer/slower side, the crowd was still very much engaged. One audience member kept shouting, “you’re so beautiful! Just like your music!” as both statements were very much true, indeed their music was quite beautiful. Being a married, pop-duo band, Flora Cash’s set was very intimate with each other and with the audience. Finishing their set with the hit song “You’re Somebody Else” everyone from down and upstairs sang along with the duo couple.

As lovelytheband’s iconic lip symbol began to flash yellow and red, concert-goers really brought their energy to a different level. When Mitchy Collins put his hand in the air, the crowd started to cheer, and fans started to hold up various colored signs. Not knowing too many songs, I will admit that the band had a pleasant stage presence and knows how to engage an audience. As I was running around the venue to photograph, everyone was singing and dancing with beer and cocktails in the air. With constant pastel colors changing, cheering and singing never stopped. As frontman Mitchy kept saying, “Sac-town!” I knew Sacramento was really giving there all to lovelytheband.

Jagwar Twin | Flora Cash | lovelytheband


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